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"Да създадем най-добрата игра за футболен мениджмънт в света и да позволим на всеки да я играе безплатно!"

Our Ten Soccer Manager Principles

  1. Soccer Manager is free to play. We believe that it should always be free to play, and freely available to play by any person from any country.

  2. In our opinion, Soccer Manager is the worlds best online soccer manager game but we will continue to work hard to constantly improve it with new features and upgrades.

  3. Soccer Manager is the peoples game, developed by soccer fans for soccer fans. Therefore we welcome any ideas and suggestions you have for making 'your' game better. Already, many ideas that have been submitted to us via the community forums have since become key features of Soccer Manager.

  4. Ние вярваме в създаването на приятелска интернет общност която се основава около играта за футболни мениджъри, в която хората могат да играят заедно, да се наслаждават на играта и да създават нови приятелства докато играят.

  5. The site generates revenue through advertising and selling some extra optional game add-ons in our SM Shop. These revenues are used for the main purpose of keeping the game running and funding future development. Soccer Manager believes that this revenue generation should at all times be done in an open, honest and ethical way:
    • We do not display adverts that we feel are immoral or inappropriate for minors; e.g firearms, weapons, alcohol, drugs etc.
    • The adverts we display are relevant to the site, kept to a minimum, and blended in so they don't interfere with the enjoyment of playing the game.
    • Ние не използваме изскачащи прозорци, цял екран, шпионски софтуер и други подобни, нито реклами, които хората могат да намерят за досадни и неприятни.
    • We do not use tricks, lies, or under hand sales techniques to try and promote our products that are on sale in the SM shop.

  6. Soccer Manager does not promote or encourage violence, racial hatred, sexism or any other form of discrimination. We strive to make Soccer Manager a place of free fun and enjoyment for people of all ages, races , religions and backgrounds. Everybody is welcome!

  7. There is a philosophy at Soccer Manager that the customer comes first, and as a result you can rest assured that there is an extremely hard working and dedicated team, working with the intention to keep 'your' favourite soccer manager game running as smoothly as possible.

  8. We do sell some add-ons to the game along with merchandise in the SM shop. However, anything that we sell, there will always be a good reason for us having to sell it as opposed to it being free. The price will be as cheap as possible, there will be optional extensions to the game that increase enjoyment but do not provide advantages within the game over other managers that don't purchase them. Examples below:
    • If we gave everyone a custom game world for free, the game would be swamped with game worlds, most game worlds would be empty hence ruining the community aspect of the game for everyone.

  9. There is a great 'family' atmosphere amongst those who work at Soccer Manager, keeping to one of our principles that the work environment can and should be fun.

  10. Our last principle is the same as our first! Soccer Manager is free for all, will always be free for all and will always get better!

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