НАЧАЛО Общност

Предложи клуб

January 5, 2015

We have changed the way in which "Offer Club" works. This change means that if a club is now offered out it doesn't collapse any transfer offers. You can still conduct transfers with that club and it carries on as if it is an unmanaged club.

Soccer Manager 2015

November 4, 2014

Ние сме развълнувани да обявим, че нашата чисто нова сингъл плеър игра, Soccer Manager 2015, е достъпна от днес и е напълно безплатна!

Тази игра е независима от нашата мултиплейър игра (която остава достъпна на SoccerManager.com), И Ви позволява да поемете пълен контрол над Вашия отбор във всяка една от 40-те достъпни лиги в света. Купувайте и продавайте играчи и наложете своя собствена формация и стил на игра чрез огромният брой от тактически опции. Постройте клубната Ви инфраструктура и управлявайте финансите си за да си гарантирате бъдещи успехи.

Цялата игра е онлайн базирана- това означава че всичко, което Ви е необходимо за да играете, е достъп до интернет и браузър. Играта работи еднакво добре на настолни и мобилни браузъри, за да можете да я играете винаги и откъдето пожелаете. И не се изисква никаква инсталация!

Играта премина Алфа тестове и вече е във фазата на общодостъпна Бета версия- защо не я пробвате- запомнете, че е напълно безплатна за игра, и може да се играе през всеки браузър- всичко необходимо е интернет връзка!

приложение Soccer Manager

October 16, 2014

Great news! We've given our app for both mobiles and tablets a major facelift. The brand new look and feel includes a fantastic simple to use menu system which makes playing the game easier than ever. We've also made it easier to connect with your friends in Soccer Manager from sending them a message to playing together in Game Worlds. There's are lots of other new tweaks and improvements for you to enjoy too. So don't delay, why not go and take a look around now?

Канал с новини в Приложението

May 16, 2014

After listening to your feedback we have now added the facility to post to the News Feed and also comment on stories in your Game World within the app.

Ново Оформление

May 8, 2014

We have introduced a new layout to Soccer Manager that uses media queries. What does this mean? It means that Soccer Manager now adapts to your screen resolution and therefore gives you a better experience. Why have we made this change? Apart from providing a better user experience we also want to take advantage of the full width of the page but most importantly so that the Multiplayer looks the same as the forthcoming Single Player game.

Soccer Manager Single Player is still under development and we are giving you the chance to access the new game before anyone else or even become part of it. Does this interest you? Then please visit the Single Player tab for full details.

Over the past few months we have listened to our communities feedback regarding the SMFA. Along with this feedback we have also analysed the reports that have come in in great detail. Due to this we have made numerous changes to the SMFA that will address the concerns that our community has raised and it will also by more dynamic and tailored to specific Game Worlds as we understand that each one is different.

We have also listened to our communities feedback after we asked you "What you would like to see given back to you for your loyalty?" and we are happy to say that you will now receive additional club slots dependent on how long you have been playing Soccer Manager. This means that when your SM Reputation hits 60 you will receive an additional club slot and then an additional one when it hits 100.

In Upgrades we have removed Boku as one of the payment options. You can still pay with your mobile / cell phone but this will be via iTunes or Google Play via the Soccer Manager app.

Клуб бутоните

February 27, 2014

We have made changes to both Club Slots and Manager / Scout Reports:

  • Those managers who registered after 14 January 2010 have been given an additional club slot. This means that every manager on the game can now manage up to 3 clubs.
  • We have made some improvements to Manager / Scout Reports. You will now be advised about any possible increase in rating and also their potential rating.

Several changes and improvements have been made to both the native and web app. You can now:

  • Visit Upgrades on the web app.
  • View your Profile.
  • Your Profile now includes My Profile, Private Messages, Game Updates and Account Settings.
  • Click on a managers name to view their Profile.
  • Send a Private Message to another manager or friend via their profile.
  • Send a Friend Request.
  • Accept / Reject Friend Requests.
  • Remove an existing friend.
  • Search for a friend.
  • Change your details, email and password within Account Settings.
So what are you waiting for, go and update the App now!

Ъпгрейди на iOS

February 4, 2014

Налично е обновление на Soccer Manager app за iOS

Лични съобщения

January 31, 2014

Сега можете да изпращате и получавате Лични съобщения с вашите приятели и с останалите мениджъри чрез мобилното приложение.

Soccer Manager App - Push Notifications

January 15, 2014

On the app within Account Settings you can now turn Push Notifications On/Off for transfer bids, results and completed transfers.

Soccer Manager App - Трансферни Оферти

January 14, 2014

Направихме една промяна в трансферни оферти на мобилното приложение на Soccer Manager. Премахнахме предварително зададените суми , които можехте да изберете и ги заменихме с поле за свободно писане , къдете вие сами можете да въведете желаната от вас сума.